Work in Progress
by Ponto
May, 29

We decided to give you the various meanings that the verb “arranjar” has in Portuguese. We used bold letters in order to call your attention to that specific verb. Arranjar (verb): to get; to find; […]

May, 28

Sophie Demay — Sophie Demay is a graphic designer based in between London and Paris. Her practise is focused on publication, exhibition design, curating and collaborating within an open Design practise. In February of 2011, she […]

Portable School is a workshop/exhibition organized by LETRA Marco Balesteros, in collaboration with six students from the Communication Design course, Ana Correia, André Cândido, Bernardo Rodrigues, Márcio Nazareth, Nuno Beijinho and Rita Matos,  at Faculdade […]

May, 28

Nowadays, participation and interaction are playing an important role in the relation of Design and designers with Society, particularly since new media tools were brought to the masses[1]. The work of the designer is gradually […]

May, 28

“The Bauhaus considered Design, Art and Architecture as part of the same venture and most of designers educated in a similar way share these ideas. However, we have to consider that in method and in […]

May, 28

Division of Labour was the first theme explored in the context of this project. This exploration occurred in both practical (workshops) and theoretical (reading, talking and writing) means. This present document indent to consolidate and […]

May, 27

On the 21st of May we sent out a printed survey to 34 design studios based in the UK. This survey will help us map how the industry perceives innovation, and how is it defined […]

May, 26

Hijos de Martín is a partnership between Edu Martínez Piracés and Marina Martínez Oriol focused on Free, Libre and Open Source tools and resources. We are based in Barcelona and we do graphic design. Don’t […]

May, 25

Rui Moreira was one of the first people to answer our Call for Submissions with this short essay entitled “Single stories — The Netherlands and Portugal by Rui Moreira”. The text is an investigation into […]

May, 25

The 1990s was a controversial decade and has seen many determining scenarios in politics, economics and technology that have changed the way we live and perceive the world today. The decade was the host to […]

May, 24

Work in Progress (WiP) is a research project around the concept of Work in Design, conducted by Studio Ponto, as part of their Final Major Project at London College of Communication. The aim for this […]

May, 15

Days before the Modes of Production Workshop, Darren Raven, the lead tutor of the Design for Graphic Communication course and tutor on the Graphic and Media Design course at LCC, asked us if we were […]

May, 13

On the 1st of May we hosted a workshop that was allocated within our empirical approach to research and content generation for the book “Work in Progress”. In the workshop we were testing new models […]

May, 06

The first thematic we’ve explored followed our first attempt to understand Work in a more simplistic manner. Division of Labour is a term used to define the act of breaking a work process in different […]

May, 01