Work in Progress
by Ponto

About WiP

Work in Progress (WiP) is a research project by Studio Ponto, and their Final Major Project for University.

The trigger for the investigation was the concept of “Process” in Graphic Design and how it’s perceived by the Industry. According to the Design Council who have analysed the “Design Process” of various design agencies, it can be divided into four stages despite the obvious differences between the processes (which can be defined by the tools and methods used) that each entity applies, or each project allows to. The Design Council managed to strip a complex concept in a simplistic architecture, by stating that the Design Process has a structured lineage of actions that follow one another in a ordered manner—Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver. However, this attempt to rationalize such an ambiguous and metamorphic concept leaves out many procedures from more experimental practices that critically question assumptions like this by implementing new methods of ideation and production.

The objectives that lie in the Work in Progress project are much different to those of attempts like the Design Council’s. There’s no intention in rationalizing the “Design Process”. Our focus is not on the process but on what are the implications of the process in the relations, connections, development, outcomes and impact of a project. Not what is the “Design Process” but rather how it works and how does the process influence the mediator, participant or audience of a given project and how does it define the self, or a moment in time.

This project is in fact a rejection of the word Process, simply due to the deep foundations that this word bears. Instead, this project embraces the word Work which is broader, like the research and exploration of the different thematics intends to be. These won’t necessarily be about Work in Graphic Design, or Design even, and there’s space for the crossing of disciplines. However, the goal is to use these as a medium for reflection of Graphic Design Practice.

The project will consist in a series of approaches to the theme, by breaking it down to different thematics and explore each thematic with both academic and empirical methodologies. The goal is to have a publication with a compilation of all the materials we find/appropriate/generate/record.

Given the short period of time we have to complete this project, the research and generation of content will have to go hand in hand, having this blog serving as the work-in-progress state of the final publication. This space will host the contents we generate based on the theories and statements we encounter. The publication will aim to juxtapose quick experiments of alternative design processes (workshop, conference, project) with writings on graphic design process under a critical embracive approach.

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