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Arranjar ou fazer arranjos? by Joana & Mariana

We decided to give you the various meanings that the verb “arranjar” has in Portuguese. We used bold letters in order to call your attention to that specific verb.

Arranjar (verb): to get; to find; to fix; to repair; to mend; to came up with; to make up; to come up with; to make up; to cause; to tidy up; to get straight; to arrange; to sort; to put straight; to adjust; to do; to get done; work out.

Infopedia. Portuguese-English Dictionary. Arranjar. Available: Last accessed May 2013.


From today onwards this is my designer business card. Graphic designer who arranja problems, there are no doubts or surprises, I don’t cheat on anyone.

When compared to a card of a designer who arranja problems, solves problems and finds the solutions, I warn you that I am more a specialist in arranjar problems than actually solving them with miraculous equations. Especially because I don’t like equations and I don’t like to keep solving things in the same way. There is another problem which I like to arranjar: to complicate things.
Another problem? I read far too many novels, I fantasy too much, to satisfy myself with a controlled and resigned life. In my life there is also my work, I can’t and I have never known how to separate things. Another problem, they say! Another problem that I can’t arranjar.

Originally published in 19 February 2008 in the blog “Isto não é uma Tese”. [link]

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29 May 2013

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