Work in Progress
by Ponto

Call for Submissions

Work in Progress (WiP) is a research project around the concept of Work in Design, conducted by Studio Ponto, as part of their Final Major Project at London College of Communication. The aim for this project is to explore models of practice that question concepts more or less defined within the fields of Art & Design regarding work and learning methodologies. So far the research method applied is a very empirical one, based on the testing of some of the theories encountered, together with views on contemporary practice and historical findings. This research serves as the trigger for a deeper critical analysis of the current state of the industry and education models in Art & Design.
The intention is to compile a series of writings and projects that fit within the subject matter and are relevant to the study of the various different themes. The selected contributions will be compiled, along with our research, in a book to be published this summer.

Eligible for inclusion are thoughts, articles, essays (including visual essays), projects, briefs, workshops, exercises, problems, questions, and stories, supported by documentation of the outcomes (if any), in English or Portuguese. Given the short time we have to complete this project, we require for submissions of all sorts regardless if they’ve been published before or not.

While compiling the contents for the publication we are currently running a Work-in-Progress version of it in the form of a blog. Here, we’ll be pre-publishing the contents for the book at the same time we’re generating further content and continuing our research.

Themes of particular interest include:
– Division of Labour
– Value of Skills
– Stages of work
– Division of work according to gender
– Specialisation or overspecialisation
– Theory and practice in Design
– Other themes related to the previous ones presented

Submission Guidelines
We are currently accepting submissions from anyone who is interested no matter whether his practice is or not related with graphic design.
Submissions will be selected according to their coherence and relevance.
To apply, please send your submission to

If there are any questions or clarifications you need from us, please do not hesitate to send them our way and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Closing deadline: 24 MAY 2013
Disclaimer: Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the publication.

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