Work in Progress
by Ponto


Arranjar ou fazer arranjos? by Joana & Mariana

We decided to give you the various meanings that the verb “arranjar” has in Portuguese. We used bold letters in order to call your attention to that specific verb. Arranjar (verb): to get; to find; […]

May, 29

Portable School

Portable School is a workshop/exhibition organized by LETRA Marco Balesteros, in collaboration with six students from the Communication Design course, Ana Correia, André Cândido, Bernardo Rodrigues, Márcio Nazareth, Nuno Beijinho and Rita Matos,  at Faculdade […]

May, 28

Hijos de Martín

Hijos de Martín is a partnership between Edu Martínez Piracés and Marina Martínez Oriol focused on Free, Libre and Open Source tools and resources. We are based in Barcelona and we do graphic design. Don’t […]

May, 25

Single stories — The Netherlands and Portugal by Rui Moreira

Rui Moreira was one of the first people to answer our Call for Submissions with this short essay entitled “Single stories — The Netherlands and Portugal by Rui Moreira”. The text is an investigation into […]

May, 25

Call for Submissions

Work in Progress (WiP) is a research project around the concept of Work in Design, conducted by Studio Ponto, as part of their Final Major Project at London College of Communication. The aim for this […]

May, 15