Work in Progress
by Ponto


Interview w/ Sophie Demay

Sophie Demay — Sophie Demay is a graphic designer based in between London and Paris. Her practise is focused on publication, exhibition design, curating and collaborating within an open Design practise. In February of 2011, she […]

May, 28

Towards Collaboration

Nowadays, participation and interaction are playing an important role in the relation of Design and designers with Society, particularly since new media tools were brought to the masses[1]. The work of the designer is gradually […]

May, 28

Innovation Survey

On the 21st of May we sent out a printed survey to 34 design studios based in the UK. This survey will help us map how the industry perceives innovation, and how is it defined […]

May, 26

Innovation & Design Co.

The 1990s was a controversial decade and has seen many determining scenarios in politics, economics and technology that have changed the way we live and perceive the world today. The decade was the host to […]

May, 24