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by Ponto

Hijos de Martín

Hijos de Martín is a partnership between Edu Martínez Piracés and Marina Martínez Oriol focused on Free, Libre and Open Source tools and resources. We are based in Barcelona and we do graphic design.



Don’t forget localism and self production.

Centre d’estudis Macba is a proposal of re-definition of the Centro de Estudios y Documentación del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona’s lobby. The project is originated by the change of the exhibition hall into an activity room by proposing interactive and horizontal activities, going for the digitalization and accessibility of the archive and the communication channels. Furthermore, a Community platform is offered to a collaborative design of the furniture for future activities. The centre’s communication is based on the ambiguity of space and in the numerous activities than can converge resulting in a useful graphic system to inform about the type of activities, as well as where and when to find them. This project was made within an interdisciplinary team formed by Jessica Escanellas, Joan Marc Ferret, Raul Haro and Amadeu Ventayol.



Last June we were invited to set up a workshop to shape all the content generated during the Arquitectures de la dignitat days. As a result, we share all this content on the net using differents platforms like Xhamster or Fotolog.


Video screening at BYOB BCN. The animation plays with the idea of an archive to find thirteen words, internet therms, which are not accepted by the RAE (Real Academia Española).


The artist Lua Coderch asked us to design the new vinyl cover of her sonor landscape piece. At least we don’t work on any cover, but we decide to print a poster and upload all the process information on a GoogleMaps.


Ignasi Prat analyzes and shoots some Francoist higuer-up’s homes. We worked on a site wich follows the artist’s logics and steps.


We print a postcards for the presentation of the project with the death certificates of the dictator Franco and his crew.


Cas d’estudi was a exhibition about language and academic processes in artistic practices. We design and produce all the stuff with the center resources.


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